Rakukagi Kingdom Becomes Color Quest

It was announced some time ago that Taito's unusual game Rakugaki Kingdom would be localized by Agetec. Thankfully, more details have now emerged. The game, whose name roughly translated means "Graffiti Kingdom," will be called Color Quest in North America. Agetec has also given the game a far more solid May 2003 release date, but has not yet set a price for the game.

Color Quest is a unique game in which players enter the role of a Doodler, a person with the ability to bring their drawings to life. Players will design Doodles, then train and raise them in order to battle other Doodles in the ring. Progression in the game is rewarded with new colors and parts for the Doodles, and players can save up to 200 different Doodles on a PlayStation 2 memory card. The game also allows you to battle your friends in 2-player Doodle matches. We'll bring you more on Color Quest as its release date approaches.

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by Justin Harwood    

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