FFX-2 News: Idol Worship

Square has continued its non-stop assault on the gaming press with more Final Fantasy X-2 information. This week, an issue of V-JUMP showed Yuna in her Pop Star costume, and explained that this costume makes her look eerily similar to Spira's reigning pop star, Ren. Combine this with screenshots of Yuna giving some sort of concert in her Pop Star costume, and, well, you do the math.

Additionally, RPGamer has heard rumors that Square is planning to release FFX-2 in North America this November. These reports are, as of yet, unconfirmed, but fans might want to cross their fingers. You can be sure that as soon as Square chooses to officially announce a release date, we will bring it to you. Meanwhile, the game is set for release in Japan on March 13th.

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by Justin Harwood    

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