Ys VI: Coming Soon to A PC Near A Place Nowhere Near You

Falcom has announced extensions on two of its most noteworthy series, both of which are under development at this time. Along with the Legend of Heroes series, Falcom will be adding a sixth installment to what is perhaps its most prestigious series, Ys. Little has been revealed about Ys VI: Sora no Kiseki, but Falcom has confirmed it will be moving the game to 3D, in keeping up with other major RPG series.

There have also been overhauls promised for the sound and story departments, which should officially place Ys VI in the current generation of RPGs. At this point, it appears the title will be a PC offering, and Falcom indicated its plan is to release both games in Japan by the year's end. On the downside, no Ys title has made it out of Japan since early in the SNES era, so chances of this title making it to North America are slim.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [GAF]

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