FFX-2 Info: It Just Keeps Coming

This week, Square has once again dazzled the public with an ability to regularly release information about Final Fantasy X-2. Square has released more information about Nyuji, the new character introduced last week. It turns out he is the leader of the Young People's Alliance. He has a mechanical left arm and left leg, to replace the arm and leg he lost two years before in the battle with Sin. It seems he and Payne may have some sort of past together. At the very least, they seem to know each other. Square also hinted that Yuna will be allowed to join either the Young People's Alliance or the New Yevon Movement at a certain point in the game, greatly changing the game from that point.

Square also made further revelations regarding the battle system, and the class-change system in particular. For each class, there will be a set of Command Abilities gained that are accessed through the battle menu and consume MP to use. There will also be a set of Auto Abilities gained that are skills automatically applied to someone of that class. These do not need to be accessed through a menu, and cannot be turned on or off. Yuna and her friends will recieve AP after battles which can then be used to learn new abilities for their current class. Final Fantasy X-2 will be released in Japan on March 13.

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by Justin Harwood    

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