Dark and Light Set to Enter the MMORPG Fray

Developer NP3 is preparing to enter the already overpopulated waters of MMORPGs with Dark and Light, a new game that promises to be the largest MMORPG you've ever seen. Dark and Light, known as DnL by those already involved with it, wants to give a "life frame" to its players, allowing them to develop a strong sense of community. The developers claim their technology will allow them to handle tens of thousands of players on their servers simultaneously. They believe that this will allow players to truly make their own game, whether that would involve exploration, fighting, or merely enjoying the surroundings.

While developer NP3 is preparing to enter the Beta test phase, there is no projected release for the game, which has yet to find a publisher. Those who are interested in the Dark and Light beta can sign up for a newsletter here. NP3 would like to release their game sometime in 2003.

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by Justin Harwood    

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