Final Fantasy Origins Announced

Square announced today that it will bring the PlayStation remakes of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II to North America in the form of Final Fantasy Origins. Set for release in April, the compilation will feature both games on a single disc. As previously noted, these games are remakes of the original titles that debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 (1990 in the US) and 1988, respectively. Both games have been given a graphical overhaul from an 8-bit to a 16-bit level, and will feature something not even invented at the time of the games' releases: some of Squaresoft's famous CG cutscenes. Furthermore, a number of new events designed to enhance the games' storylines have also been introduced into the game. Not to be outdone, the soundtracks have been given an overhaul, and now feature opening theme songs.

Final Fantasy Origins will also include a number of special features on the disc. Both games will now have new gameplay modes (essentially difficulty levels) that will help make the games accessible for younger players and a "memo save" feature will allow for quick saves on the world map. A new bestiary will be added for players' assistance, and an art gallery showcasing Yoshitaka Amano's artwork will be also be available. In order to add "replay value" to the games, a photo gallery is unlocked when you finish Final Fantasy, and more pictures are added upon replay of the games.

Final Fantasy was released in 1987 (1990 in the US) to critical acclaim. It focuses on four young warriors sent to restore the world from ruin by returning the light to the Crystals they bear. Final Fantasy II was released only in Japan in 1988 and is more plot-driven than its predecessor. Featuring a revamped battle system, it tells the story of a group of youths determined to stop the malicious Emperor who has unleashed a horde of monsters upon the land in order to conquer the world. Final Fantasy Origins will be released in April and carries an ESRB rating of "T" for "Teen". No pricing information was available at this time.

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by Justin Harwood    

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