Interplay May Have Baldurs Gate II Ready for the Expected September PS2 Release

With the Playstation 2 all set to ship to North America in September of this year, Interplay plans to have itself at the forefront of the systems onslaught of games. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the sequel to the popular RPG Baldur's Gate is set to be ready at launch or soon afterwards. This is set to continue a trend by Interplay to thicken up it's release calender and create more of a presence in this round of the console wars.

Interplay Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brian Fargo had this to say "The next generation console machines offer a very large opportunity for Interplay, as a small percentage of our sales comes from the current console platforms, so we will not have the platform transition concerns that others may have. Traditionally, Interplay has created high quality games and we are now taking our best and brightest developers and having them focus on the eight billion dollar videogame segment."

Baldur's Gate II is looking nice if early screenshots are anything to go by ( which you can see by clicking here ). The Playstation 2 is set to launch in America in September and having a strong RPG like Baldur's Gate II at launch will do it's chances no no harm at all. Unfortunately, little is knwon about the title thus far. As the release gets closer though more information will become available.

by John "Loch Ness" Hynd
Source: [IGN PS2]
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