LucasArts Teams Up With Sony and Verant To Take Star Wars Online

LucasArts, sole proprietor to the lucrative Star Wars license, has announced that it has teamed up with Verant Inteactive Inc. and Sony Online Entertainment to produce a potentially phenomenal Online Star Wars title.

The game is expected to ship in 2001 sometime, and will allow gamers to lose and immerse themselves in the fantastically vast and rich Star Wars universe. LucasArts have said that 'thousands' can connect at a time. Gameplay is expected to involve mission based quests and assualts and some form of combat.

Developed by Verant (Developers of the socially life destroying EverQuest no less), distributed under the LucasArts monicker, and available to play exclusively and solely at []

LucasArts are the producers of most the various Star Wars game that have surfaced over the years, all commercially successful titles , if not altogether outstanding. But, in teaming up with Verant they have tied themselves with a proven developer at this genre and style of game. Many of you may know the hugely successful EverQuest title, and this is an example of how the game might shape up. But, if you can, imagine all this in a Star Wars universe with so many of the characters that you have grown up to know and love and then think about how much potential this title has. Sony Online Entertainment is a company designed to produce, provide and distibute online games to the mass public, whose previous works include the aforementioned EverQuest.

Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts had this to say "The combined expertise of LucasArts, Verant, and Sony Online Entertainment will bring to gameplayers an incredibly dynamic online gaming experience worthy of Star Wars. The immensity and richness of the Star Wars universe lends itself ideally to a game of this nature."

John Smedley, president and CEO of Verant sounded even more excited when he said "We couldnāt possibly ask for a better universe in which to create a massively multiplayer game.Star Wars offers such an incredible amount of depth and detail that weāll be able to create a place for fans to feel right at home. This game is going to be incredible!"

Lisa Simpson (of no relation to her yellow four fingered namesake), president of Sony Online Entertainment. went to reveal" "Star Wars online will be a phenomenon that transforms online gaming for both gamers and casual game players. It is a great addition to the blue chip brands our udience has come to enjoy at The Station. We are delighted to work with LucasArts and continue our close association with Verant Interactive."

Well, they certainly sound excited, and with the potential the title has who wouldn't be. The Online gaming scene is about to get a lot more interesting when the big boys at Square and LucasArts roll household names Final Fantasy and Star Wars into town. Stay tuned to RPGamer to find out how this affects the way you will be playing games.

by John "Loch Ness" Hynd    
Source: [LucasArts]
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