Even More Details on Aidyn Chronicles

The good people at THQ have updated the question and answer section of their Aidyn Chronicles: the First Mage website, and while many of the questions and answers will seem familiar due to RPGamer chat transcript with THQ but some of the answered questions are new, and shed some light on more of this upcoming hit RPG.

Two of the questions pertained to the monsters in the game, a subject that has not been touched on until now. There will be almost one hundred different enemies to battle, and each monster will have it's own strengths and weaknesses. The enemies will also change as your characters grow stronger. However, unlike other games with the adjustment system, the levels are not nearly as important to combat as the strategy used and the skills that you employ.

Another question is about how the hit point and magic point system will work, and the answer is surprising. Characters will have stamina that will basically be their hit points but will also affect a character's spell-casting ability. It does not look like casting a spell will deplete your stamina, but it does not actually say that so that might not be accurate. Stamina looks to be a lot like hit points, in that staying at an inn or drinking a potion will let a character regain some to all. There are no magic points, though.

Also, THQ confirmed that not only would there be the ability to summon monsters, but will also be spells to take control of enemies in combat. These spells can be strategically used to turn enemies against each other at crucial times to get an edge in battle.

The economics of the game will also very much in place, with money gained from defeating enemies, completing quests, and acquiring treasures. Of course, shops will also be available for your buying and selling needs within towns and some elsewhere. You will also be able to acquire new spells and skills by paying NPCs to teach you. All kinds of items will be available for purchase.

Finally, some of the smaller tecnical issues were cleared up. The cartridge size was declared to be 256 Megabits, the same size as Ocarina of Time. Also, you can save up to three games on an empty Controller Pak. It is not known if there will be a save feature on the cartridge itself, but hopefully this and any other questions will be cleared up soon. The game is still scheduled to be released later this Summer. Keep an eye on RPGamer for all of the details on THQ's upcoming RPG.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [THQ.Com]
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