The Tower of Sony Grumbles - All is Not Well

Although there is no denying the runaway success Sony has had with its Playstation follow up, cunningly entitled Playstation 2, the past couple of days have left a sour taste in the mouth of the Japanese giant. Grumbles and mumbles have recently been echoing through the corridors of power at Sony's Japanese HQ concerning a few minor hitches over the systems release.

Minor Problem 1 -

  • Shortages of the system on its release lead to Sony falling short of its projected sales target. This is blamed on production problems, but eager Japanese gamers are not very pleased.

Minor Problem 2 -

  • Sony has issued a recall on ALL of it's 8 meg memory cards for the system, in light of an error that renders the DVD software disfunctional after saving.

Minor Problem 3 -

  • The DVD software isn't quite functional in the first place. Reports of skipping tracks and sound clips and of some DVD's the machine cannot even recognize have surfaced, they are making their way Sony bound.

In spite of these problems, the PS2 launch was a massive success , but just the same, Sony will not want these issues snapping at their heels at such a time.

It is unlikely that Sony will carry any of these problems across to the system's Western release as they should be ironed out between now and the system's arrival. Currently, the PS2 is set for a Fall release in North America, and RPGamer will keep you in touch with any news stories in the build up to launch.

by John Hynd    
Source: [IGN PS2]
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