Grandia 2 Information Revealed

       After some time of keeping basically every facet of their much anticipated sequel for the DreamCast hidden, Game Arts has released a slew of new information about Grandia 2.

       First of all, the character designer from the original Grandia will not be working on the sequel, but Game Arts has found a new, very capable character designer by the name of Yuushi Kanoe. However, fans of the Lunar series' and Grandia's soundtracks have reason to rejoice; Noriyuki Iwadare has been confirmed to return as the composer for Grandia 2's music.

       The title will take place upon the world of Granacliff, on the continent of Shreesen. At the time of this writing, four characters have been announced: Ryudo, your typical seventeen year old monster-hunter, Elena, the seventeen year old singer with the power to drive back darkness with her voice, Mileenia, a mysterious young woman that is rather whiny and sulky, and finally, Sky, a very powerful hawk-man.

       Grandia 2 is currently slated for a summer of 2000 release on the DreamCast console. As always, we will bring you the latest information as we get it, but this is certainly one that we'll keep a close eye on.

by Dan Calderman
Source: [RPG Fan]
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