Icewind Dale Still Progressing

    Icewind Dale, another epic Forgotten Realms AD&D game from Black Isle Studios, continues to progress to a estimated first half of 2000 release.

    The monster list for the game has been completed, and the animators have added additional frames for new actions. Monsters have been cut, and new interesting monsters have been added.

    The spell lists are well on their way to being completed. In addition to old favorites from AD&D Core Rules, two new unique spells and spells from the Forgotten Realms books have been added.

    The areas of the game are all being worked on simultaneously, and the first, Easthaven, is complete. The staff working on Icewind Dale are also taking code from the sequel to Baldur's Gate to fix bugs and generally smooth things out. More information should be forthcoming next month when the offical Icewind Dale page is updated.

by Matthew Prince     
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