Emblem Saga Announced for PlayStation

       ASCII has announced they are currently producing a new SRPG (Strategy RPG) for the PlayStation titled Emblem Saga. The game has much in common with Fire Emblem, however, is not a direct sequel to the popular Nintendo series. Much of the same development team has branched off from Nintendo and formed their own company to create this latest game.

       Emblem Saga's story will have a lot to do with the Fire Emblem series, as they both take place in the same world, but in different exact areas, and even some of Fire Emblem's characters will make an appearance in Emblem Saga. The title will feature classic tactical RPG battles, with the player leading multiple troops of many units at once.

       Emblem Saga is currently slated for an April release in Japan. Fans of the original, or just the occasional SRPG fan: this is definitely a game to watch for.

by Dan Calderman
Source: Magic Box
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