Working Designs Speaks Out

Who would've thought that a little update could generate so much excitement? Well, it seems that Mr. Ireland pulled a fast one. At E3 last year, the guidebook said that Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete was to be shown for Sony Playstation and for PC. Well, it was not to be shown at the show on PC, so it was technically a "misprint." However, it clearly states on their release list that this Spring, Lunar Silver Star Story Complete will be released for Windows.

As if that were not enough, they have Lunar: Eternal Blue for Sony Playstation this Spring. What? That's no different from the last news about the game. Well, it's nice to know that it hasn't been further delayed, although it would certainly be nice to see a solid release date soon.

Another item is the artist, err Strategy RPG formerly known as Detonator Gauntlet, which is now Vanguard Bandits, will be released on March 27th. Not much else to say about that.

Working Designs has another game on their release list for this fall for Playstation. The game, which seems to be under the development name "RPG," is also coincidentally an RPG. No word on what "RPG" is. (And so there are no nasty letters, the part about "RPG" being the developmental name is indeed a joke.)

Oh, and one last thing. They have some game named.. oh yes, Silhouette Mirage.. it's an action game, not an RPG, but they're allowed to make those, one supposes.. oh yeah, it's shipped. Look for it in stores. You can't play RPGs all the time.. can you?

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [Working Designs]
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