SCEA Announces Star Ocean: The Second Story

    SCEA has officially announed the the June 1999 release of Enix's Star Ocean: The Second Story for PlayStation. Star Ocean: The Second Story features real-time, polygonal battles, extensive exploration, and a host of option mini-events that creates over 80 variations in the ending.

    Star Ocean: The Second Story, the first Enix RPG to be released on the PlayStation, challenges RPGamers to take on an integral role in the development of the storyline, game events and ending. Combat sequences feature innovative real-time polygonal battles, during which players can create their own custom combo moves.

    Mini-Events, or "Private Actions" as they are called in the game, have an actual effect on the main storyline, and can ultimately change the end of the game. Star Ocean: The Second Story also features a "Skill System" by which characters learn to create items from raw materials, through a variety of means, including cooking, alchemy, metalworking, compounding, and more.

    Another intriguing feature of Star Ocean: The Second Story is the "Double Hero" system. This allows RPGamers to play as either the male lead or female lead. Through the use of CG sequences and highly detailed gameplay, Star Ocean: The Second Story promises to deliver a satisfying RPG experience.

    "STAR OCEAN The Second Story promises to be another Enix masterpiece, with a level of detail that will impress even the most experienced RPG fan while offering a great experience for the more casual gamer," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "We are truly thrilled to have a company with the incredible heritage and experience that Enix brings producing games for the PlayStation game console -- this exceptional title strengthens PlayStation's position as the leading platform f or RPG enthusiasts."

Star Ocean: The Second Story - June 1999
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