PlayStation gets Startled

    Ray Force has announced they will be porting their RPG series, Startling Odyssey to the PlayStation. The first title, Startling Odyssey 1: Blue Evolution, originally released on PC-Engine in October of 1993, will be released in Japan on May 27th. Blue Evolution features over 500 monsters and an additional 15 minutes of movies over the original version.

    The second title in the series, Startling Odyssey 2: The Demon Dragon's War, was originally developed for the PC-Engine (released in October of 1994). A Sega Saturn re-release was planned and was later canned. Now it has been given a second lease on life with a port to the PlayStation, though a date was not given for its release. In Startling Odyssey 2, players are charged with finding the five pieces of the mystic sword.

    Startling Odyssey 3: Holy War of the Millenium, the latest sequel, is scheduled for a winter release.

    There is no word yet on whether the titles will see US release or not. Considering some of the content is questionable (we've been advised not to post the "services" cinema AVI), it is probably unlikely it will come to the US.

    Special thanks to Bt Garner (who has some awesome mailing lists) for original release dates and the Startling Odyssey I PC-Engine CD Cover.

Source: [The Magic Box]

Startling Odyssey I CD Cover
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