Lufia III revived

    Concrete evidence of a US release for Lufia III arrives almost silently and with a lack of celebration as Natsume releases plot details and a time period for the game's North American release. Most well known for their "Harvest Moon" series of games, Natsume has set Lufia III to arrive sometime in 4th Quarter 1999.

    In this latest installment of the Lufia series, taking place after the first two games, chronologically, mankind has discovered steam power and mechanization, and the heroes that saved them in the past have been forgotten... and the Dual Blade has long since disappeared. A group known only as the "Oracle Cardinals" have been key to helping mankind rebuild society, protecting them from the coming of the "Fire Storm". But along with the Fire Storm, ancient ruins have appeared, and Doom Island once again hovers in the sky in an unkown location. Now the Oracle Cardinal have a card up their sleeve, but the organization remains shrouded in mystery, and their intentions unknown. And in the center of all this is a girl with Blue-white hair, named Naki. Arek and the four Sinistrels have returned once more. "When the Day of Arek comes, mankind will shake in terror".

Source: [Natsume]

Lufia III
Lufia III
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