Lunar: Eternal Blue Confirmed for PSX

    Game Arts has confirmed they will release a PSX version of Lunar: Eternal Blue entitled "Lunar: Eternal Blue Remix" on May 27th, in Japan. The PlayStation version is said to be composed of three discs, as opposed to the Saturn version's two. Although unconfirmed, rumors are now circulating that the Working Designs' "mystery" RPG is in actuality, Lunar: Eternal Blue. A Working Designs spokesperson has told RPGamer that the mystery RPG will be most likely unveiled at E3 in May.

    In other Japanese PlayStation news, more and more sources are stating that a demo of Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) 4 will be included with SaGa Frontier 2, slated to be released later this spring, but there has not been any official word from Square at this time.

Source: [Save Point]

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