Weekend Roundup

    Hudson has announced they will be porting Elemental Gimmick Gear to the Dreamcast system for an April release. An Action-RPG, Elemental Gimmick Gear features robots called Elemental Gimmick Gears. The Gears can be used in many different ways, from combat to transportation. Battles are fought in a 3D Versus Battle System.

    In Playstation news, Ascii has announced their latest RPG, The Long Eden. Players take the role of Lody, an adventurous youth, and search for the lost Eden Keys. Long Eden features novel like stories, with lots of side quests. Long Eden also features unique dungeons, called Cube Dungeons. Cube Dungeons are made up of 3D blocks, and also contain Echo Blocks. These Echo Blocks have elemental attributes, and in order to get what is contained inside them, the player must use the opposite element on the blocks. Long Eden also contains special rooms called Invention rooms, that can be used to develop new items and weapons. The Long Eden is scheduled for an April 22nd release in Japan, there is currently no planned US release.

Source: [Magic Box]

Title Screen of The Long Eden
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