Final Fantasy VIII Update

    Another week, another Final Fantasy VIII update. Almost makes one wish the game would come out already. Anyways, to the news!

    First, the rules for the card battle. The player's cards will be shown in blue, and the opponent's in red. When a card battle begins, players are allowed to chose 5 cards from their collection. The battles are then played on 3x3 field.

    Each card has a set of four numbers on it. When cards are placed on the battle field, the two touching numbers are compared, and the card with the highest value wins. The lower value card's color than changes to the same color of the higher value card. In case of even numbers, the "attacking" card wins. The player with the majority of cards his color, wins the match.

    Also in the news is information on Rinoa's and Seifer's special attacks (limit breaks?). Rinoa's is called Combine, and utilizes her pet dog, Sant' Angelo di Roma (Saint Angelo of Rome), who attacks with "Angelo Canon". It appears Rinoa found Angelo at a pet shop, and bought him over her parents objections. Seifers's special attack is called "Shimatsuken", which translates to "disposing blade." With this attack, he unleashed a barage of small fires.

    Finally, there will be shops in Final Fantasy VIII called pet shops, where it will be possible to buy items for the Guardian Forces.

Source: [Rei's Final Fantasy VIII Bilingual Site]
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