Imagineer Announces Quest 2 for N64

    Imagineer has announced they will develop a sequel to the Nintendo 64's first RPG, Quest 64. Quest 2, as it is called, takes place in the same universe as Quest 64, 100 years later.

    The title introduces two new characters, Leon and Sophia, who live in a world where stories of spirit tamers are considered mere fairy tales. However, 10 year old Leon stumbles upon a tablet engraved by the great spirit tamer Brian, and upon touches it, inherits Brian's power. Word of Leon's new powers spread quickly and before long he is summoned before the Emperor Julius.

    One of the biggest complaints about Quest 64 was the length (or lack there of). In order to allieviate this problem, Imagineer has added a second character, with a distinct story line of her own; Sophia the sword fighter. Hailing from the port town of Larwena, Sophia will have her own set of problems to overcome.

    Also added to the title is a magical sidekick, called "the Guardian." The Guardian will function much like the horse in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, to provide a method of locomotion, and to also help the character in combat.

    Quest 2 features the same graphics style as Quest 64, but Imagineer is promising higher resolutions, faster speeds, and more freedom of movement. Another change is the addition shops. No longer will the player be able to acquire items for free, but instead, they must pay for them using money earned by defeating monsters.

    Although Imagineer has yet to display Quest 2, the descriptions they have given indeed make it sound like a vast improvement over Quest 64. Hopefully this title will make it the US, giving RPG-starved N64 gamers a tasty treat.

Source: [IGN64]
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