Eidos speaks

No more Square games planned currently; FFVII coming this summer

   Eidos has announced that plans do not currently exist to bring more Square games to the PC after the release of Final Fantasy VII, and has pushed the release date for FFVII to an unspecified date this summer.

   Contrary to earlier reports, apparently there are no plans to translate Final Fantasy V and release it to the United States market, making up for not releasing it years ago. Eidos does state that it would like to release more Square games, hoping that "a successful launch of the PC version of FF VII will aid in the realization of future PC titles developed by Square Soft."

   In another contradiction of earlier reports, Eidos is no longer aiming for an April release date for FFVII, now pointing at an unspecified summer date. On brighter notes, a 3D accelleration card will not be required to play the game, yet it will be recommended. Grammar errors will also be corrected, but the game itself will remain unchanged plot-wise (yes, this means no revival of a certain character).

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Mar 16 1998 3:24 PM EST
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