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Final Fantasy V for Playstation


Final Fantasy V

Square will be releasing Final Fantasy V for the Sony PlayStation in Japan through DigiCube distribution channels on March 19, 1998.

This title is a translation of the Super Famicom version (Japanese SNES) which was released back in December, 1992 and has sold over 2,400,000 pieces in Japan. FF V was the most demanding title out of all the Final Fantasy games, as far as the scenario and game system itself were concerned.

Final Fantasy V made extensive use of an "Ability System," which allowed characters to grow in power and change class to learn new abilities and skills. There are more than 20 different jobs that you can choose from in the game, ranging from Knight, to Monk, to Summoner, even the famous Black and White Mages that can currently be seen in another Square title, Final Fantasy Tactics.

The storyline, graphics, and music will be exactly the same as the Super Famicom version, with the exception of newly-added CG FMV scenes at the beginning and end of the game (similar to what was done with FF IV on the PS). Releasing FF V on the PlayStation not only gives older Final Fantasy fans a chance to re-live part of the series, but it also gives newer gamers a chance to play a top-quality title that they may never have otherwise.

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