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Parasite Eve Battles and Info


The Battle System:

The battles will consist of 2 bars. The ATB bar (from FF7) and the PE bar (Parasite Eve eve bar). As you know, when your ATB bar is full its your turn. But in PE, you can move when your PE bar is green but not when its red. This makes sense because there is range in PE battles (You can't just hit any enemy you want). Aya's weapons consist of guns and the police stick. There are bullets in this game, so you can run out of ammo. Depending on your weapon (or level? Dunno.) you can apparently fire more than one bullet at once. From what I can read (and see) the enemies in PE can use specials (magic?) like lightning attacks. I don't think Aya can do this ... not in the beginning, anyway.


The graphics look great! The save points in PE are public telephone booths. And the screenshots all seem to have a Resident Evil feel to them.

Parasite Eve
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