The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures - Screen Shots
05.12.2004 E3 Screens
Explosion Dark Dungeon Shiny 4
Four Fire Shine! Just One
Perfect Square Bomb in 3... Bomb the wall!
A Race? Team Swirls Synchronized Running
In-Line Walking Fighting Time Ladder Falling
04.29.2004 Same Brand New Looks
That 'silky smooth' water in effect Setting up the controls He doesn't want to be in the team
More controller setup Link and his various specialties Link's tools of combat
A cutesy maptype thing That wonderful sword slash All that is collected
Linked guardians vs. Linked Links Smalltalk The rocket's red glare
First player takes the cake An explosion of power gems Tri-force stylee
A magician's secret Although disastrous to nature Another block
Removing the problem CHICKENS! J-Roc and the rockpile
More friendly chat Seems awfully large Success!! ?
Dusty down here Well, G'luck They don't need luck!
More area clearing Smash The Ninja guard
Breaking the seal They're so small Reminscient gameplay to Link 2
Formation One Formation Two Formation Three
Formation Four Formation Five Stumbling through the dungeon
Formation Six
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