Wizardry Summoner - Screen Shots
05.22.2002 E3 Screens
Inside the palace Such a lovely smile Down at the local shop it worth buying? Decide the ability! There's that tavern guy again
Stats for a Bishop Boostin' up those abilities again Down by the train
A castle in the distance Looks like a total con man Inside the temple
The...outer limit? They don't look too friendly That's just such a lovely wall
Another...well-lit corridor Paralyzed? That's no good. It'sa me, Mario!
The mighty longsword So go to Borders.. Dark Wing!
It's rather dark. Thanks; I'll keep that in mind. I enter!
Like that isn't common knowledge.. So, where shall we head? Fight predicted!
Yeah, of course they do. Don't tell me or anything, just push Start! What to do?
A bit brighter Pentagram on the floor
04.07.2002 A Few Screens
In the throne room Looks like a castle guard to me! A status screen
In town Fightin'! Colorful!
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