Wild ARMs 3 - Artwork
02.02.2002 Lots more characters
Alfred Schrodinger Maya Schrodinger Cony
Girl of Garden Malik Bendie Martina Vanbasten
Milady Valenty Peguchi Richard Alcahest
Shady Thousand Tod Dukakis Tony Earlways
Werner Maxwell    
10.05.2001 Large Color Character Artwork
Virginia: Have gun, will travel A jumbo Jet Resting on a rifle
Caradine in Color    
09.20.2001 Yet More Character Artwork
Dario Nicolodi Romero Gigio Shane Caradine
08.15.2001 Even More Character Artwork
Another shot of Virginia Another shot of Clive Another shot of Jet
Another shot of Jet A new character, Janearth Cascade A tense standoff
05.29.2001 More Character Artwork
Another group artwork Our heroine, Virginia Maxwell Jet Enduro
A suave Clive Winslet Gallows Caradine, looking serious  
04.25.2001 First Artwork
Meet the characters    
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