Tales of Symphonia - Screen Shots
05.20.2004 E3 Screens
Ninja Turtles my butt "Now I know it." No Running!
"Which one? I have many" She Wants Money. Ahh, Work Ethic
Fire Dome Jumping Slash Charging
Sealy, Sealy More Sealing Sealing AND Damaging
Really? Fiery? Many Swift Slashes Last Wind
04.24.2004 PS2 & GC Screens
.... To you too. In the classroom. Run across the bridge
Rock golum Can we go now? Gathering energy
On the beach The circle of power All these cards
Spin around Circle ax Punching is better then stabbing
Wander about Group discussion Looking down
Big monster from down under That wolf is dead
10.05.2003 Tales of Symphonia
An intricate spider The calm before the storm Making quick work of the undead
She's looking for her nose Let's go fly a kite Peripheral vision
Determination Bow before the sword Praying to above
That your natural hair color? The cell of violet glare Sword practice
Aerodynamic dragonflight High above the landscape Fright and anger... Franger!
He's speechless More franger "You will live till you're 27"
I believe that's a smile Snowflakes and sunsets
09.14.2003 Newest Shots Game Watch
Title Screen Creepy two desk school room That's a pretty useless fence
"Like my clone army?" Circle T K says "Climb these stairs" Everyone on the ground
Mystery man Return to the circle "My shirt's undone?"
What's with the heart? More good dialogue I can't read Those arms look fake
Black goons with green eyes Important bluish text That got quite a reaction
And retort A single word Let's use babelfish!
A clean status screen EX the blue orb level 1 You can make this...
...Into a.... ...Neat little... ...Animation
Odd shiny shading A translucent beast Could be a summon?
173 damage More spellcasting circles Earthquake!
Unique targeting system Hammer combo Motion trails are neat
08.13.2003 Recent Screens
Good times Level up! 11 hits
Winter jogging Do you understand? What do we do?
Speechin' Post-battle Thank you!
The center of attention
06.12.2003 Nice Selection of Informative Screens
Lloyd Who cried Wolf? Cute school girls... not that I'm looking
She saw me! Ahem... Get a whole list of items
Lots of fish in the sea, I guess By a house Watch out for the plant!
Stress out! Smart talk Happy face
In a circle Push the hair back, guys! Lloyd defies Tales tradition and tries to look manly
Stop it! Sigh... Okay, it's not funny anymore
Quite the spin Battle looks natural in 3D Baddies
Baddie mischeif *Snort* Not much of a talker
"Umm... hello?"
05.08.2002 First Screens Game Watch
Boy am I hungry At a cat stand Go for a dip
Visiting the docks Down in the mines After battle
Snowy town Multi-level There are palm trees, so it must be paradise
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