Tales of Symphonia - Artwork
05.20.2004 E3 Artwork
Collet Brunel Large Genius Large Kratos Large
04.24.2004 PS2 Character Artwork
Collet Brunel Genius Kratos
Lloyd Presea Refill
Regal Shihna Zelos
10.05.2003 Newest Artwork
Three person party Zooooooom! An icy fiend
Is that blade warped? The best gauntlets ever Pikashovel
Eyes of the beholder Flexi The enchanting female
Dual-headed Aves A vicious shadow creature
09.14.2003 The World Map Game Watch
The world map
08.13.2003 New Characters
Regal Bryan Mitos
06.12.2003 Character Artwork
Shihnah Collete Brunel Genius Sage. Yup.
Refill Sage Lloyd Irving Kratos Aurion
Zelos Wilder Presea Combatir Can't cut off these guys!
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