Summoner 2 - Screen Shots
09.26.2002 Post-Release Screens
Taking out the big fat dudes This is a strange nightmare... It is a two-headed...something
Taking a leisurly jog "Look, we're in anamorphic widescreen!" They're not really heroes, they just stand around all day
"When does the two minutes hate begin?" A giant webbing Strange visual effects
Looks like there is lava under that big guy He's ticked off now... Battle ensues
It must be Halloween in this strange realm Surrounded! The dark side of the force flows through him
Take a drink from that water fountain! No time for that, back to fighting "This axe is mighty heavy!"
"But I'm not afraid to whip you butt with it." Victory yet again Standing at the edge of some steps
An elegant hall Approaching the monarch Some more shiny energy!
"What am I doing in here again?!" Taking a hike Excersie is...tiring!
"Shall we head back to town?" Another throne  
07.18.2002 Many More Screens
Playing lumberjack Tusked wolves attack He's kinda outnumbered now
Careful where you put those swords! Blood splattering Howling in triumph
"Owww! My feet!" Surrounded by big, sweaty men Even ugly monsters can cast spells
Die at the hands of neon lights! Rail thin with a large bust, obviously She's being stalked
Step back before I Kung-Fu you 'Matrix' style Walking through an unusual corridor His force field appears to work
"I'll mesmerize you then sock you in the jaw..." You don't want to see it swing that hammer "Attack the peasants!"
Obligatory RPG ring of fire Again proving why magic always wins over brawn "See that green gas? That's methane..."
Glowing red eyes ALWAYS means business They're just special effects, noone can actually do that Trippy...
That force field is holding up pretty well Stare into his poor old soul A battle screen?
Imagine skateboarding down that! "Should I take the large or small chest, Bob?" Look at the weird green tubes
Don't mess with that mother... "I...have...the POWER!" Behind the absurd appearance lies unspeakable power, we think
You would run away too! Now that you think about it, it doesn't look too tough "Please have mercy!"
"Check out my wicked crown and goatee." There's that stalker again "Belch!"
Crossing the bridge Its breath HAS to be terrible No ability selected?
She's stepping out into another realm You know he's going to kick your butt right? Preparing to fight the cave monster
"We just stand around instead of actually fighting." Someone should fix that bridge What created that duo?
Mindless slaughter continues Standing as still as a chess piece "I wish everything were blue instead of green. I like blue better."
That lava better not come back down! Their lunch is right in front of them "They're no match for my spin slash!"
Wonderful, he's sleeping on the job... Palace of Halassar throne room Palace of Halassar corridor
Palace of Halassar fountain It's cloudy in Munari City today Munari City even has waterfalls!
Another of Munari City's winding walkways An Imperial Sepulchre hall A coffin in the Imperial Sepulchre
Outside the Imperial Sepulchre    
01.23.02 First Batch of Screens
Anybody got a milk bone? A beast towers over the scene Lush environs
Ring of fire Queen Pava strides confidently forward The 'Alopecia Warrior' character class in action
Look-out point Wreckage Idle hands
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