Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided - Screen Shots
08.10.2004 Jump to Lightspeed Screens
3 TIEs chasing 2 X-wings That ship looks familiar, somehow... More space combat
Fiery explosion An old-fashioned GFFA melee Position the target in the center, then pull the switch
Got him! S-foils in attack position... Direct hit
Putting the Rebels to flight More fleeing Rebels That's one doomed X-wing
Not as doomed as this one, though Feel the power of the Interceptor Come...into the light...
A glancing blow Y-wing diving Bad company
Stargazing Character creation Y-wing heading for action
How about a friendly game of chicken? In hot pursuit 2 on 4. Fair odds.
They're always chasing that ship... More dogfighting Rebels in retreat. Again.
Clipping his wings
06.21.2003 E3 Screens
Nice view Tree do grow out here Please don't take us.
Dance till you drop My arm! A guild?
He won't see you if you stay still Who will win? Whoops! Wrong way
Have you seen R2D2? Showing off a little bit Overlooking the town
Nice hair Look at the scenery R2D2 coming from behind
Taking a quiet walk Invasion There are too many
05.26.2002 Scenery and Imperial Weapons
X-Wing vs. Star Destroyer In hot pursuit AT-AT Assult Vehicle
AT-ST searching the forests Soon to be a pancake A beautiful Krayt Dragon
Out looking for treasure Wookie at dusk Wookie at morning
Wookie at evening Wookie in the afternoon Wookie at during the day
Krayt Dragon attack! Nature vs. Machines Getting some fresh air
Imperial attack! Flee from the machines These odds don't look good
Jawas selling two very familiar droids C-3PO translates for the Jawas Human female draws her blaster
Human female looks around Discovering an oasis Chatting with the locals
Male Rodian in swampland R2-D2 ready for another adventure Grazing creatures
Winged beasts looking for food Tracking an ewok Barren cliffs
An empty plain The forests of Endor A friendly ewok!
The waterways of Naboo The queen's palace Mugging a Rodian
Newly arrived on Tatooine A Mon Calimari picking flowers Leaving the palace
Gazing at the spaceport Wishing he could swim Residental street on Naboo
Sneaking behind Jabba's Palace A Tatooine town gate Fort Tusken gate at dusk
Fort Tusken Fort Tusken at night A building on Naboo
Looking down a street A tall gate An empty desert
A distant town Alone in the town square Empty market tents
A broken machine A dark forest A thin forest at dusk
A familiar location from Phantom Menace Rancor attack! (Part 1) Rancor attack! (Part 2)
Rancor attack! (Part3) Rancor attack! (Part 4) Rancor attack! (Part 5)
Tusken Raider party Scene from Jabba's Palace Lord Vader is not pleased
02.20.2002 Races, Places, and 360s (Requires Quicktime 4 or higher)
Grazing Brackaset Female Cast A Herd of Gnort
Bothan vs. Bats Winged Lizard Bothan male at the desert's edge (1.46MB)
Human female at night (1.43MB) Mon Calamari female in the swamp(1.16MB) Mon Calamari female in the swamp, take 2 (1.48MB)
Mon Calamari female in the swamp, take 3 (1.11MB) Mon Calamari male in the grasslands (1.14MB) Mon Calamari male in the swamp (1.26MB)
Rodian in the swamp (1.88MB) Trandoshan female at the edge of town (1.47MB) Mon Calamari male in the grasslands, take 2 (1.80MB)
Mon Calamari male in the grasslands, take 3 (1.70MB) Trandoshan male at the edge of town (1.29MB) Trandoshan female at the edge of town, take 2 (1.14MB)
Trandoshan female in the desert (1.15MB) Twi'lek male in the city (1.36MB) Wookie male on Corellia (1.64MB)
Zabrak female in a canyon (1.19MB)    
11.03.2001 Races and Places
A lineup of males from the different races A scene from the planet Corellia  
05.29.2001 First Screens
An alien at Easter Island. A female alien standing in a forest A parked speeder
A vicious looking Jawa C-3PO in all his rendered glory Dusk in the desert
Oh my, what a spiked head you have Spikey and R2D2 watch the sunset  
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