Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided - Artwork
06.21.2003 E3 Artwork
Waterfalls He looks wise Ridding in
Hiding from the enemy A palace design Bounty Hunter
Darth Vader Chewbacca
05.26.2002 Characters, Creatures, and Droids
Desert Worm Flying Creature Womp Rat
Four-legged Beast Another creature with spikes Gungan Jedi
Female Gungan Wampa Female Wookie Heads (color)
Male Wookie Heads (color) Female Rodian (color) Hooded Twi'lek
Female Mon Calimari Fort Tusken: Broken Door Fort Tusken
Fort Tusken: Interior Dathomir Fort Tusken: Exterior
Forest Art Waterfall Art Human Characters
Bothan Characters Boba Fett Kicking Boba Fett Model
IG-88: Droid Bounty Hunter Medical Droid Astromech Droid
Lifter Droid Character Models Wookie Couple
More Characters and Creatures
Female Bothan Female Bothan (color) Male Bothan (color)
Male Bothan Female Human head shot Female Human (color)
Male Human (color) Male Human Male Human head shot
Female Mon Calimari head shots Male Mon Calimari (color) Male Mon Calimari head shots
Female Rodian Heads Male Rodian (color) Male Rodian Heads
Female Trandoshan Female Trandoshan (color) Male Trandoshan (color)
Trandoshan Heads (color) Male Trandoshan Head Female Twi'lek (color)
Male Twi'lek Head (color) Female Wookie Heads Male Wookie Heads
Female Wookie (color) Female Zabrak Heads Male Zabrak Heads
Female Zabrak (color) Bonegnawer Slice-Hound
Rockmite Tessellated Arboreal Binjinphant Texture showcase
Krayt Dragon    
Rodians Female twi'lek Male twi'lek
Female Mon Calamari Male Mon Calamari
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