Phantasy Star Online - Screen Shots
07.28.2001 More PSO Version 2 Shots
Mosquito Attack Spelunking Desert walking
Fun With emoticons Knock, Knock More fun with emoticons
Fire! This doesn't look good That'll leave a mark
The fan of Death Dreamcast power an odd weapon
Ring toss A firefight Nice to meet you
Menu selection Powering up Dueling
Duel Result Feel the power Lobby Ball
The ball disappeared Kick me Pass it to me!
He doesn't look too hard A little bugger Prepare to die
he just needs a hug Lvl 158 Let's blow stuff up
Rabbit on a stick My little parasol I'm bad
A stick?
04.15.2001 PSO Version 2 Shots Source: HK Dreamcast
Wandering a cave Still in that cave Chatting
The Dressing Room That looks painful "Last enemy"?
02.04.2001 US Release screens  
Start screen Running in the forest Transporting
Open the door Slashing monsters Good thing he's on my side
Loading a quest The sad truth Warp panel
One of MAG's plasma shots Shot continues In the heat of battle
Hunter's Guild counter Warp to the boss Information counter
Select a team Shocking Hot caves
Emergency portal A break in the action Futuristic scene
Customize your commands Another portal A sad tale
That's a big ship A view of the planet A friendly MAG
Let's buy supplies Moving around the ship Loner Hunter
Babysitting A job well done Even typos in the future
Another planet view Online conversation A panel in the lobby
11.12.2000 Additional screens Source: IGN
Welcome to the world of tomorrow! A few glowing kiosks You're welcome!
Arms dealer More distant view He's inside the 3-point line...
City lights Clearly not skilled at tic-tac-toe But when was the landing announcement?
"There can be only one Korben Dallas, and he's already on the plane." For example, did you know pi is 3.14159265358979323... Weak-looking monsters
Walk this way! What the... A duck with antennae?
More antenna-ducks Quack quack bzzz! Hey, there's a minigame in the status menu! Oh wait, it's just PSO still.
More Boomas, whatever they are Fire! Kick some sense into it
Blam! I think I'm seeing things Attack of the red triangles
Still more fighting Triangle kick! Stop shooting the text
11.11.2000 Still more, even newer, screens Source: IGN
Glance at character creation Oh, please, that doesn't match Blue armor
Orange armor again Hair matches a bit better Ah, makes more sense now
He's got a black brain slug! Blue-eyed hero Final decision
A sword to rival Cloud's Deadly green light! An elf, perhaps?
Fear my irregular hexagon! Ok, only a pentagon now This... is my BOOMSTICK!
Scene of a battle Another fight Combat galore
Setumasa, stay alive!    
10.24.2000 More exciting screens Source: The Magic Box
Ugly purple thing makes some swips A winged ugly thing Blob of monsters
Some guy running on green stuff He's using the force Two blue blobs
Mild carnage    
08.22.2000 Newer screens Source: Famitsu
Some sort of laser Again with the laser Character with lightsaber
Light surrounds a female character This is a -real- longsword This dragon is no match for a lightsaber
Bombs away! A smug-looking draconian face The power of fire
Worst case of halitosis you'll ever see Someone feed this dragon an Altoid, quick! A rainy day
This is definitely a, er, um... enemy of some sort. Who has an umbrella? Someone left mutagen in the bat-cave
A battle begins Monster chases another? Intimidating troll-like things
Tranquility of nature Mantis mechs! Time to move out
Trolls surround party Running down a corridor Party inspects the area
Looks like a trap! Purple-haired elf in trouble Return of the mantis mechs
Fireball! Another shot of the trolls Bleak-looking, but under control
08.04.2000 More New Screens
Waterfalls The party charges into a jungle A fortification
Attack! Duck and cover! Uh-oh.
04.05.2000 New Screens Source: Weekly Famitsu
An epic battle with the hideous...thing! The party forms to battle a dragon! Be polite and greet the locals.
A large shot of PSO's logo, what else? Is that an overgrown praying mantis?! Ozone depletion... *sigh*
09.29.1999 More Screens Source: TheGIA / Famitsu
Flying through the city City flying fun More city flying fun
A fearsome dragon The dragon roars The dragon takes off
The forest path Deep in the forest A town ahead
09.19.1999 First Screens Source: IGN
A bustling, busy city Smaug incarnate A green forest path
It's uhm..some cables?? Wallpaper worthy PSO logo  
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