Pokémon Gold/Silver - Screenshots
05.16.2000 E3 Screens Source: Nintendo
Spiffy seafaring vessel Drowzee vs... something Pokéstats
Grimer vs. thing from Pokéstats Lickitung vs... blue thing Wandering at night
Wandering through town Subway  
01.02.1999 More Japanese screenss Source: Game Informer
Surrounded by bulls Fighting a stingray 3 badges left!
Fighting a Goldeen A sheep-like Pokémon Fighting a Sandslash
Fighting a Nidoking Fighting a Slowbro An orange Gyarados!
A chipmunk vs a puffball Fighting a Raticate In a restaurant
Fighting a Toros A beach babe trainer Swimming through a cave
It's Seel! Fighting a poison fish A karate trainer
11.22.1999 Japanese release shots  
Silver's title Badges Professor Oak
Rival battle Why do they fight *here*? Pidgey attacks
Meet your rival Go pokéball! Two starting Pokémon
Another Pidgey Merril A new Pokémon
Pokédex #152 Where can I find Pidgey?
Home Sweet Home My home town Another town
The world map    
11.21.1999 New Pokémon shots  
Gold's title Silver's title Professor Oak
One of the new starting three Pokémon. and another and the last
The new status screenss are better orgamnized and colored.
A fight A colorful room  
11.08.1999 More Pokémon shots  
Walking through a forest Walking by the river Walking in the mountains
Browsing through a store A rocky area Fields of white
Pokémon battle Trainer battle Butterfree vs Venusaur
Charizard vs new Pokémon Farfetch'd Clefairy
Evolved Slowbro Item screens Item screens 2
10.06.1999 New Pokémon shots Source: Magicbox
Getting your first Pokémon    
08.30.1999 New screens Source:
Pigeot attacks The new radio Status screens
Encountering another trainer A Pokemon egg Inside a Pokecenter
Items? Pigeot gets hit  
Ash, lost in a forest
Ash, on a mountain
Ash, by lake
Ash inspects the shelves of a store.
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