Vagrant Story - Screen Shots
04.09.2000 Preview Screens Source: PSX IGN
Battle with the bull Torchlight beauty Up close and personal
Prayer, or death? An offer you just... can't refuse Accusation of foul play
He can't be real! Overhead combat shot Zelda, anyone?
12.24.1999 Various Screens Source: MagicBox
I hope those aren't cinders Vagrant's Victoria's Secret insert Right on!
Nice? Do I get a stamp? Hidden hockey logo?  
11.02.1999 Battle Screens Source: RPGFan
Electric attack A large beam of energy Balls of power
Status menu Take that! Casting a spell
Ashley heals himself Double teamed Menu screen
Blood splatters Equipment menu - 2 Battling a minotaur - 2
Taking a break Ready for action Green energy
Battling a dragon Challenging a giant creature Powerful attack...
New Screen Shots
The manor from a distance Near some stained glass windows Ashley gazes at an object
In front of a fearsome dragon Sydney shouting Callo Merlose
Sydney Losstarot Romeo Guildenstern Duke Bardorba
Ashley Riot    
Demo Screen Shots
The manor Another shot of the manor Ashley runs inside
Ashley stands at the gate A few villains "Show them who they're dealing with!"
Quite an evil order "Who goes there?" A righteous man
All will be for naught! Sidney is upset Ashley eavesdrops
Listening in some more... Ashley sneaks up on Sydney "I've got a bowgun aimed at your heart!"
Sydney up-close Sydney evades death ... And plans to escape
A dragon surprises them both The dragon towers over Ashley  
World/Places of Vagrant Story
Inside a Church? Duke Bardorba's Manor - 2 - 3 Forest Scene
Battle Scenes
Fighting Dragon - 2 Skeleton Enemies Spell Casting
Character Scenes
Ashley Riot - 2 Character Talking Character Status
Wounded Character Characters Fighting Guards Talking
Character Two Characters  
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