Vagrant Story - Movies
05.03.2000 Gameplay footage Source: IGN PSX
Fighting a skeleton and a dog with spiffy magic. 0:38 4.7MB
Somebody get that dog some Winterfresh gum. 0:29 3.5MB
Victory! A bag of bones and a dog don't make an effective team. 0:55 6.8MB
A slime approaches. 0:27 3.3MB
04.18.2000 Online Promotions  
Trailer 1:44 16.8MB
04.09.2000 Gameplay footage Source: PSX IGN
Showy display of a VS chain combo 0:38 7.7MB
Boss Battle - Fight it out! 0:38 7.7MB
Skeletal combat 0:36 7.1MB
Bat fight! 0:24 4.7MB
Puzzle solving: Every adventurers nightmare 0:32 6.4MB
The bull-boss arrives 0:25 4.2MB
01.25.2000 Vagrant Story Promos Source: PSX IGN
Promotional Video 0:15 1.8MB
01.12.2000 Vagrant Story Movies Source: PSX IGN
Vagrant Story 4:07 19.2MB
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