Deception 3: Dark Delusion - Screen Shots
01.14.2000 First Screens Source:
"Forgive me, my liege" Gordon doesn't like that Equipment screen
Taure speaks! "Where could they be?" Factory Warehouse map
Thoughtful placement The Push Wall trap Push Wall in action
Mega Rock falling "Oouf! That hurts!" A corpse in blood
Where shall the traps go? Facing off with Hans Trap-riddled stairway
Hans moves closer... And Hans gets hurt! The main mansion room
Bear traps hurt She better run! Another death
The game's title screen Cut-scene capture of heroine In the King's hall
Tripping on the steps... A foreboding room A tutorial, methinks
A Mega Rock up close Looking for the next target Jade attacks!
Jade gets hurt... Jade lies dead Marco yells at them
Mission clear! The death list Intruder data
Player status Building on to the house Many different traps
"And who is this?" Continuing the discussion Traditional plot twist
She's not a witch! A narrow hallway Exchanging words?
Hans and Ellena in view That rock will hurt... Ellena advances...
Halberd through the stomach Pendulum swinging Diving out of the way
The planning room Laying upon the steps A chandelier falling
CRUNCH! Attack of killer snowballs Fire hurts!
The castle beckons Just...hanging around Workin' in a coal mine...
Floating in the air She better move...  
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