Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color - Screen Shots
05.14.2003 E3 Screens
What is that thing? Hypnotizing Magic defense
Block eachother out Color! Ahh It's doing it again
Hit by a what now? It's flying away Change the angle
Get off my dog! It's a dragon The town bully
The white thing is still here The duck attacks And it hits hard
Chocobos? Mono is living with someone Weird creature
A Super Kick!
05.07.2003 New screens!
That's a good 'n nasty chaingun. What peculiar graphics. It's too cute to be a monster!
Dismantling the puppy. *gasps* Looks like poo! Granny can't even open her eyes.
Angry Flomo! Dino's just putzing around. You can definitely improve this design.
Ono, she found out!
03.12.2003 More Screens
Timmy fell into the well again? Four hits = 66 damage You better not curse me
I need to pick a skill This is what I have to work with? Some legs might help
Turn to the right A head and two arms Put a tail on and it's complete
OK one last picture for your wall
09.10.2001 First Look  
Unihorned Monster Tiny Action  
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