Namco X Capcom - Screen Shots
04.15.05 Additional Screens Source: GameWatch
Weeeeee Super cannon go Your face is missing, pal
To the faaaaceee Eat some fiber, kid Swooooosh
Triple team I'll take you all on Nice guns
Branch 14 Glowing stuff Even more glowing fun stuff
Heeyyyy Blue screen Not going to comment
Back kick Kitty fun love Twiser
What is their problem? Super fireball Mega Man
Watch me cheer Those things scare me An army of scary things
Yarrrr What is he doing? Go team Venture
Dibs on pink mummy man Baby / Mummy team rock This is my house
Little children and mecha.. woo Baby mech combo Duck
Menus Dice Tee-hee
Tiger face off I have an itch Nice dress
I laugh at you Leave me alone They're back
03.06.2005 New Screens
Having all the time in the world A rather colorful hallway Roman Cheerleader of Death supports her team
Now she's taking one for it Lin finds another pastime besides hunting zombies Ken wants to be a cheerleader too
Confused, eh? "Stop, thief!" A sparkly battle
Ken forgot his pompoms We want a touchdown! Shion and Magical Girl Pretty MOMO
Shion's Lunar Blade Fighting in the Xenosaga world "Where's Jessica?"
Haggar gets his groove on An all-out melee Kulino leaps
Sabinne Two ninjas strike back Mike really needs more clothes on
Sakura and Karin strike fear into the enemy's heart Sylphie's pointing at you Dig Dug fans rejoice
Hsien Ko meets some professional gunners This could get ugly The Rival Schoolmates reunite
They seem to be in a Lost World again Ready to go Trick-or-Treating? Giving it their best battle face
Look out Rockettes One, two, punch! Slice and dice is very nice
An...interesting view Klonoa parties with Arthur One for all, and all for one
A duel follows I smell trouble
01.29.2005 First Screens Source: GameWatch
Oh No Go away Death Bizarro Valkyrie
Furries to the rescue Admire our beards Cough
Command Lv 4 Vs Lv 4 Chun-li level up
Wink, wink Firearms are fun So is fire
Do I look fat? Rat-A-Tat-Tat Mullet man
You can take it from here Get your hand out of my face Kicking fun time
Holy Valkyrie Batman Yaaaahhhhh! Fireball fun
I want a sandwich with eggs and ham
Flash attack What to say Stand off
Where is my Ex-lax Bad raptor! Hurricane Kick
Bison gets it in the face
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