Namco X Capcom - Artwork
04.15.2005 More Artwork Source: GameWatch
Box Artwork Orange boy and innuendo girl Killer Michael Jackson
Klonoa and something else Felicia and King Drew Carey and Sexy Russian Lady Scientist
Mega Man Western robocop Mmmmmm
Meeeooowww Charge up shot Stand off
Nice set of weapons Nice pants Warrior needs food badly
Warrior shot the food Quit talking to your swords Charge
A whole lot of arrows Staring off into the distance Ninja vanish
03.06.2005 New Artwork
Saya Ms. Vector returns MOMO joins the fight
Gilgames from Tower of Druaga Roman Cheerleader of Doom Taizo Hori from Dig Dug
Hsien Ko Lin Fong You can't have Ryu without...
Soldier 1 from Lost World Soldier 2 from Lost World
01.29.2005 First Artwork Source: GameWatch
KOS-MOS Stan and Rutee Valkyrie
Mitsurugi Jin Arthur
Strider Bruce and Regina Dimitri
Morrigan Ryu Chun-li
Reiji and Shaomu
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