Chaos Legion - Screen Shots
08.20.2003 Gameplay Shots
Check Your Stats You look familiar... Preparing for the next stage
Guilt on Steroids We like our healing items Stage Selection
Running through Stage 7 Your mom is Jenova, right? Yep, that's a boss battle.
A common occurence in Chaos Legion J-Pop! What to do with a DVD?
Capcom's paying us well... This is a music video?!? Too bad this song wasn't the greatest...
Hmmm... This is the priesthood? We've seen *you* before as well...
Sephiroth v2.0 That's more like it. Pretty CG
What took you so long? Guilt in action. Healing the legions...
Malice on the watch Malice sniping some targets Arcia going berserk with energy bullets
Yuna's not the *only* girl with guns here!
05.18.2003 E3 Screens  
Snowy silhouette In front of a castle They're on my side?
Pure chaos Look into the eye Playing through
I've got soul Wrong end of the gun Towering adversary
Attack where you can Stay out of the way Keep low
Do everything with style Atacking with ice She kicks high
In the middle Fiery storm  
02.23.2003 Real gameplay screenies
Lots of "Arrogance" here. Battling alongside your minions. That's a dandy crossbow!
Mmm, rapidfire crossbows. Seig's coat is quite realistic. *pose*
Diving in sword-first! Ooo, bomb Legions. Kick thy own minion!
Why is he in front of the shields? Shields charging up for a blast. ...ow?
About to strike. Sword Legions doing all the work. Quadpedaled fiend!
10.21.2002 More Screens Impress Game Watch
Standing around like nothing is going down "Come get some!" Guarding something
Red eyes...never a good sign... Come hither A bright light envolops everything
Strange beasts everywhere    
10.05.2002 First Screens
There is a lot going on here Looks like giant mechs More battling is going on
An army gathers A red-haired warrior A mysterious silver-haired figure
Stare down Will they battle?  
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