Chaos Legion - Artwork
05.18.2003 E3 Artwork  
Victor holds his sword Sieg is ready Siela checks her hair
Arcia looks confident Arcia stretches A poster
Another poster with Siela Poster with Arcia Sieg & four monsters
Arcia, Sieg, Victor,& Siela Inside-out monster Ouch!
Flying fire fiend Don't sneak up on this one Just getting started
That's a big bracelet Built for power Lizardman
Can he see you? Aim for the center This one too
A cool sword Fire shark The bigger the weapon...
No one shall pass The house next door Watch your step
Towers abound    
02.23.2003 Character designs, mmm.
Siela Riviere Sieg Wahrheit Victor Delacroix
Arcia Rinslet "Guilt" Legion "Blasphemy" Legion
"Malice" Legion "Arrogance" Legion "Flawed" Legion
"Hatred" Legion Monster: Balor Monster: Ogma
Monster: Badbh Monster: Jenon Monster: Archanus
Monster: Zeodagda Monster: Lognagaiser Monster: Galarge
Monster: Rudo Garia Monster: Verge Zagan Monster: Danu
10.21.2002 First Artwork  
Alicia Rinslet Seig Wahrheit Sicla Rivier
Victor Delacroix    
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