Hybrid Heaven - Preview

Atlus' upcoming strategy RPG adds several new and intriguing features to the genre.

By an RPGamer Writer

Johnny Slader
Would you mess with this guy? I wouldn't.

   When a game is announced as Nintendo 64's answer to Metal Gear Solid, gamers pay attention. And when the game looks like it could possibly live up to this amazing claim, they pay a LOT of attention. Hybrid Heaven is this game, and its blend of action, espionage, and RPG elements look to provide Nintendo 64 owners with a much needed blast of RPGaming excellence.

   The setting is the future: your standard post-apocalyptic wasteland. The President has been captured and is being held hostage by some disgruntled geneticallly enhanced soldiers. You, Johnny Slader, are the only one who can save him. Trite, perhaps, but is "Save the President" really any worse than "Save the World?"

Tactical Espionage Action - well, not really

   Movement is through fully 3D environments such as those of Tomb Raider or Mario 64. When Slader encounters an opponent, however, the game switches over to turn-based combat. All combat takes place in the environments where the opponents are encountered - no "magic swirling" here. Slader can use brute force, weapons, and special "techniques" to vanquish his foes.

   While details are scarce at this point, Hybrid Heaven is certainly already one of the best looking Nintendo 64 titles. If it can provide the gameplay to match, role-playing fans will have a quality title to enjoy.

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