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A cool, but strange Dreamcast RPG from NEC

By Alex Kimbel, RPGamer Writer

Sengoku Turb looks weird, but promising

   Games just get stranger and stranger, don't they? Maybe one of the strangest of them all these days in Sengoku Turb. An interesting RPG from NEC recently released in Japan, Sengoku Turb mixes Action RPGish gameplay with odd, colorful characters and a weird storyline.

   Let's get acquainted witht he main, character. She's Jino-Chan, and she just crashed landed on the planet Lion (yes, Lion). After a bit of looking around, she realizes there's a war going on between the countries of Sheep and Cat (yes, Shee- oh, nevermind). It looks like she's going to have to figure out what to do, and I'm sure what she decides to do will include a lot of fighting.

   Battles take place in a full 3D environment with freedom to move anywhere. And these battles aren't typical Action RPG fare. They are more war combat-oriented, having to strategically place characters and think out your actions, but it's still an Action RPG at heart.

   There's no denying it- Sengoku Turb looks a little weird. It looks a little childish too. Just looking at some of the screen shots you'll think to yourself "Err, that's a little odd." But remember, looks aren't everything and since when has weird been bad?

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