Mordheim: City of the Damned  
Mordheim: City of the Damned

A tactical RPG based on Games Workshop's tabletop game.

· PC
· PS4
· Xbox One

· Rogue Factor

Focus Home Interactive US
Focus Home Interactive Europe

  Release Date  
10.18.2016 US
10.18.2016 Europe
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·Mordheim Receives Console Trailer 10.11.2016  
·Mordheim Getting Console Release 10.06.2016  
·Mordheim Opens Its Gates 11.20.2015  
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·Mordheim's City of the Damned Fully Opened in November 10.09.2015  
·Focus Home Interacts with Media - E3 06.19.2015  
·Mordheim's Early Access Offers More Strategy 06.04.2015  
·New Video Emerges from Mordheim 02.03.2015  
·Sisters Invade Mordheim 12.10.2014  
·Mordheim Gets Gameplay Trailer, Early Access Details 11.18.2014  
·Mordheim Is Heading to Early Access 11.10.2014  

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