Monster Hunter XX  
Monster Hunter XX

Monster Hunter XX ("double-cross") is a follow-up to Monster Hunter X — aka Monster Hunter Generations in North America and Europe — adding new styles, fields, monsters, etc.

· Nintendo 3DS

· Capcom

Capcom Japan

  Release Date  
03.18.2017 Japan
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·The Hunter's Life Shown in Monster Hunter XX 08.03.2017  
·Monster Hunter Switches to a New Console 05.29.2017  
·Monster Hunter XX Drops Opening Video 03.15.2017  
·New Monster Hunter XX Trailer Delivers on Monsters 02.16.2017  
·Monster Hunter XX Gets Double Trailer Treatment 12.21.2016  
·Monsters Attack in New Monster Hunter XX Trailer 12.12.2016  
·Monster Hunter XX Shows More Bravery 11.14.2016  
·Monster Hunter XX Getting Brave 11.09.2016  
·Capcom Double-Crosses Monster Hunter 10.27.2016  

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