Legaia 2: Duel Saga - Screen Shots
08.31.2002 More screens  
Giving the cold shoulder We've all had one of these days... The ironman is showing off his muscles
A giant stone beast Casting magic The battle is literally "heating" up
Looks like the spell went out of control Cover your eyes! Enjoying a public bath
Dealing damage    
05.29.2002 E3 Screens  
How'd that thing get inside? Circle of magic Night beating
Fighting a Stone Beast Posing for style points Elbow hit
Multi-heal Charging up Snow village
04.24.2002 Minigames, and others  
Something's comin'! I'm big. I'm strong. Stand back. A ship
Sailing across the sea A dragon! Flying through purple skies
A closer view of that dragon Hovering over a village Talking outside
Looks almost like a balancing game You LOSE! Goin' through the pond
Best time! Yay! Don't look at me like that, girl... Chatting inside
It's a wheel! Great! Slot machine fun!
And they're off! As opposed to an "Irregular Bonus" Place your bets!
Another sort of game There it goes! Up on stage
The stage, from another view A lovely painting An empty room
The room's not so bland anymore! A different look Pretty in pink
Four pots Let's see what happens when you add water A lovely little flower
Four of 'em
10.18.01 Even More Screens  
Whacking the flying enemy Charging up Fire punch
Super Arts! Very sparkly Blast of heat
Surrounded by light Blasted Hyper Arts!
A lot like running with scissors Variable Arts! Laser beam from her hands
Fire creature Pillar of flame Ball of magma
Green healing light Ice creature Brrrr
08.14.01 Some More Screens  
Victory Pose Hado... Getting ready for battle?
She's blushing Power Sword! Prepare to Attack
He's in trouble I think he's gonna get hurt He doesn't look happy
Some dead animals? Frankenstien... wait, sorry wrong city He doesn't like his city being burnt
Part of the party a nice country village A bigger town
The Desert Oasis A port town The town in the tundra
No no, It's Van-goo. The dragon gets beat-down Kick.. punch.. it's in the mind
I have the power! Some new arts Let's fight
  First Screens Magic Box
Are you...chicken? Shh, I'm thinking. Fire in the hole!
Swing! I don't get it... Morning jog?
You have acne! Multiple hits A pose for the camera.
Choose an option. Um, well, you see...  
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