Egg Monster Heroes - Screen Shots
03.05.2005 Less Dual Screen, More Mayhem
Walk out by the beach Charge! Honestly, who keeps a treasure chest right by the door and doesn't expect everything to get stolen?
Painting your eggs Cannon VS Army Medusa-like creature
Map of the kingdom Race for the golden egg Attack out by the woods
You win first prize! Watch out for the egg flower Planning the attack
Gas attack Fight on the moon Somehow there is rain on the moon
Beam attack Crazy looking dog Medusa slaying Steve the monkey
Blob king Purple sword slash attack Ker-PUNCH
That's gotta hurt Chicken whipping The chicken panics
Confused lizard Bazooka head attack Swamp Fire
The chicken nugget can fly! Rabbits are always dangerous The dragon is a bit sick
The pink blob tries to help The Grim Reaper strikes again! Setting an old man on fire
He's really angry now! I don't think you were supposed to remove that Puzzle pieces of doom
666 Now he is doomed Flying fish
Yoink! Laser eye counter attack Big barrel VS little girl
Daydreaming on the job
10.14.2004 Eggstreme Dual Screen Mayhem
Go go red dragon egg launcher The egg hatches Beware the egg mooning attack
Looks like one of those sliding puzzles Ruby sets the mailman on fire The eggstreme map of random blobs
What a wacky scene Title screen Look at that eggtastic sign
Easter egg hunt YOU CANNOT PASS! Dual screen flying ninja karate chops
I can't find my mommy! Waaaahh I swear this opera scene looks familiar Giant eggmazing lazer beam of doom
Let's all go for a swim You'll never find the secret door! I am Meat-in-a-box Man
Giant eggsplosion The mailman strikes back
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