Growlanser II - Screen Shots
12.07.2003 Frilly screens from Working Designs
Charlone in suspense In the midst of battle Magic effects
Leveling up More magic A seal
That's hot stuff Drawing up power Volcanos have a tendency to erupt
Magic attack Buncha crystals Protective magic
Yellow magic More seals A burning bush...are those chocobos???
Crackling electricity Busy battle Purple elemental damage
Stats He has no hair Fighting monster
Lots of metal weapons More stats Even more stats
The count is 9 Big knights Dark knights?
Windy Hans is looking at that Fallen knight
Green elemental damage Maximillian being philosophical He's on fire!
Enter the door Burst of energy We'll miss you too
Hiaa! Wolfgang's move Another seal
Energy machine A big sword Xenos looking serious
Shocking! Even more shocking!
06.01.2002 E3 Screens
Bright. And purple. Weapons ready! Looks a bit nervous
The moon over her shoulder Electrical problems Thwack!
That'll hurt. Purple men Grabbing his sword
Confusing. A burst of energy A face only a mother could love
Looks like a serious type Attacking from the stairs Swinging it around
That's no fair! Hi, my name is.. Ready for battle
Windy A beam of energy Mystical floor
It's raining; it's pouring. A lovely duo A young girl
Not too friendly, are they?
05.03.2001 First Screens
This game seems to like large character portraits But I don't wanna fight in the arena! So we meet again
Hope they aren't afraid of heights A nicely detailed room Walking through a forest
A look at a status screen More options Choose your destiny
Talking in town Slashing the enemy Hmm, left fork or right fork...
Would you like to come with me? Evil slimes approach Even more menu fun
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