Grandia II - News
·Grandia II PC Released 03.13.2002  
·Ubi Offers Buy Two, Get One Free Deal 12.07.2001  
·Grandia II Port Given New, Separate Date 11.19.2001  
·Grandia II Receives Improvements on PS2 08.08.2001  
·Enix Acquires Share in Game Arts 05.09.2001  
·Grandia II Coming to PlayStation2 05.09.2001  
·Grandia Online A Possibility 02.18.2001  
·New Interview with Grandia II Director 11.10.2000  
·Grandia 2 Release Date Confirmed 10.17.2000  
·American Grandia 2 Will Arrive Before Christmas 07.31.2000  
·Will Grandia 2 Be Ported to the PS2? 07.24.2000  
·New Grandia 2 Import Promotional Details Surface 07.04.2000  
·Free Grandia 2 Music CD with Evolution 2 06.12.2000  
·Grandia II Receives a Solid Japanese Release Date 05.25.2000  
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